A Real Adventure

We had a plan. We had a date to leave and route picked out. But then we lost power… on Christmas no less. So we went to our family gathering and spent the day enjoying great food, tons of kids, and lots of laughter with our amazing family friends. With how cold it’s been this winter we decided we could either leave for our vacation that night or pile our whole family in one bed for extra warmth. So we packed up, grabbed as much as we could think of in 2 hours and took off.  We were 3 days early and couldn’t check into the house in NC until Saturday, so we needed to kill some time. We knew that Washington D.C. was on our way so we decided that we would start there. We drove thru the night and then ventured out to the National Mall. It was incredible… and incredibly cold!

Then came the adventure part. 2 more days to kill and no plan. We started driving with no idea where we were going. It was a real family adventure… and it was exhilarating. We decided to drive along the coast of course. We drove on a lot of bridges, which the kids loved. Dave even managed to find a bridge that turned into a tunnel that turned back into a bridge and then back into a tunnel. He took great pleasure in watching me freak out about a tunnel that goes under the ocean but come on! That’s not natural! (Although the idea of it was much more terrifying than actually driving through it.) We wanted to see places we’ve never been before and also keep close to the beach because the kids are in love with the ocean and I still stand in awe of the Creator whenever I stand on the beach and look into the vastness of the waters. The whole process of figuring out where to go and what to do was great and created memories we’ll never forget. I think we’ll make sure we always add a couple of days to our vacations for aimless wandering and genuine family adventure.


2 Comments on “A Real Adventure

  1. The beach photos are mantel worthy! Looks like a beautiful family adventure indeed! Your older two are at the age where they’ll remember these exciting moments!!

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